class 19DThe class 19D is still currently being used daily on the route between Knysna and George, hauling a 5-coach passenger train of old wooden coaches along a very mountainous scenic route. Infact, two trains with 19D's run in opposite directions daily, either used by locals just as transport, or by visitors for pure fun. I believe Rovis Rail also make use of a running 19D. Here's some general specifications by Friends of the Rail:

Tractive effort: 31,850 1bs at 75%
boiler pressure: 200 1bs
cylinders: 21" x 24"
Coupled wheels diameter: 4'6"
Wheel configuration: 2-8-4
Heating surface: 1,700 square feet
super heater area: 404 square feet
firegrate area: 36 square feet.


Class 15FSouth African Railways Steam Locomotive Class 15F 4-8-2 Built 1946 by North British Locomotive Company. Here's some general specs and photo by Friends of the Rail:

Cylinders (2): 24" x 28"
Grate Area: 63 sq. ft.
Boiler Pressure: 210 psi.
Tractive Effort: 42,340 lb.
Coupled Wheels Diameter: 5'0"
Road Numbers: 3057 - 3156
Valve Gear: Walschaerts
Working Weight - Loco: 113t. 6 cwt.
Working Weight - Tender: 69t. 8 cwt.

The class 15F was the workhorse of the South African Railways, with 255 being built between 1938 and 1948, the most numerous steam locomotive class in Africa.


South African Railways Steam Locomotive Class 25NC 4-8-4 Built 1955 by North British Locomotive Company (3401 - 3411) Built 1955 by Henschel & Sohn (3412 - 3450)
Here's some general specs by Friends of the Rail:

Cylinders (2): 24" x 28"
Grate Area: 70 sq. ft.
Boiler Pressure: 225 psi.
Tractive Effort: 45,360 lb.
Coupled Wheels Diameter: 5'0"
Road Numbers: 3401 - 3450
Valve Gear: Walschaerts
Working Weight - Loco: 117t. 3 cwt.
Working Weight - Tender: 105t. 11 cwt.

The 25NC's were the last class of main line steam locomotive built for South Africa. These massive 4-8-4's were a popular and successful engine, famous around the world for their main line work on the Kimberley - De Aar main line until the early 1990's. 3404 was fortunate in that she was one of 4 25NC's kept for work on the Trans-Karoo passenger train until 1997. Each Friday, a pair of 25NC's would haul the Trans-Karoo from Johannesburg to Klerksdorp, then the return working to Johannesburg on the Saturday. This loco was stored at Braamfontein until recently, when it was transferred to Germiston Loco Depot for storage until we are able to move it to Capital Park. This loco is basically in running order but will require inspection and certification before steaming again.


BigBoy 4011by The Bigboy Home PageThe Union Pacific Big Boy steam Locomotive is one of the largest steam locomotives in the world, at around 139 foot long and nearing 600 tons in weight, it has a pulling power of around 7000 horse power. With a wheel configuration of 4-8-8-4 it is an articulated design, with 16 68" driving wheels. Big Boy 4011 was one of the latest locos used by Union Pacific and ended it's service in the early 1960's.

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