My Objective is to help people understand how us blind people can fill a career, cope in daily living, and live a general full life.

A blind person's biggest challenge, I think, in South Africa, and especially Joburg where the public transport is either dangerous, or non-existant, is getting regular transport from A to B. I Myself have tried the owning a vehicle and designated driver route, but this backfired badly against me, and costed me paying off a vehicle I no longer own. Also lift schemes don't work very well in Joburg because 5 kilometres out of some-one's route is half an hour or more out their trip each way. Also due to heavy petrol prices, people rather look for colleagues to share their car instead of just accepting money for a lift. This all combined with having your work hours fit in with your lift's, and the difficulty of finding such lift opportunities makes transport one of our pet hates in daily living.

I thus have persued the idea of working from home as one of my challenges, and have been for the last almost year and a half worked remotely via a VPN Connection to a corporate setup doing I.T. support on their sequel databases. Together with screen reading technology which reads computer screen text via spoken voice, blind people have access to many computer applications (Not graphics though) and gives us the opportunity to compete on the mainstream market in a job situation.

Thus many blind people are moving away from the stereotypical switchboard jobs into I.T. support, Call centres in I.T. and also programming and Web design.

Careers like physio therapists, piano tuners, fund raisers and more are also common career directions persued by many blind people.

I also want to help people understand how us blind athletes can also participate in major long distance sporting events.

Many blind want-to-be athletes are able and willing to participate in a specific sport, weather it be cycling, running, swimming or canoeing, but often don't persue and persisting on finding a partner or two to help them participate.

By means of this little web site I'm hoping on creating an awareness of blind persons amongst sighted persons. Employers and Athletes must take note of the blind participation out there, and chat to the blind people openly, as they're always willing to share their experiences. Also people should encourage blind and other "people with disabilities" to get out there and do it.

Talk directly to a blind person if you want to ask him or her something, they can speak for themselves Don't speak louder, or more slowly to a blind person - They have normal hearing and a normal brain - unless else indicated
Don't be shy to approach a blind person and start a chat - they will appreciate that

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