Here you will learn more about blind people and their lifestyle, including participation in sport, jobs, and general links to various useful and support webb sites. There's also a lot of info on myself and some info on what I've done and where I've visited before, as well as a few services I offer.

Billy and I Trotting at our first Fauresmith 2009

Galloping showing a feeling of freedom on our first 120km ride at Louwna 2009

Click on Endurance Ride Association South AfricaOf which I am an active ERASA member, participating in endurance riding as my main sport and main motivational interest. I've completed quite a few 80 kilometre rides, a 120 km, as well as my first Fauresmith 200 in July 2009. I ride without been attached to a lead rein, and my sighted guide either rides behind, or at times infront of me, warning me of obstacles, bad terrain, and direction when needed. I also belong to the Midvaal endurance club, a newly established club in our area.

Right-click on, and Save SAFM Interview 7 April 2010 to listen to the interview on Disability report with Karen Key on my riding experiences, and Sermon on Overcoming your Obstacles at Maranatha Community Church 28 March to listen to amongst others, the Sermon by Pastor Leonard Stone of 28 March 2010, where he invited me as guest and used me as example within his sermon.

Click on Spurwing Horse FeedsSpurwing kindly sponser our concentrate feed for Billy and Tequila, the horses of myself, and Kobus Smit my coach and most regular sighted guide on endurance rides.

Click on The Herbal HorseHerbal Horse kindly sponser an excellent proven supplement called Endurance mix, to help Billy's long term performance, recovery, and overall health and condition.

Click on Drum Blade Community Web SiteThe Drum blade Community web site, a piece of Heaven on Earth, where myself and Billy stay. I rent a lovely cottage on a plot, with my garden gate opening into the Field where Billy and two donkeys happily graze. Billy comes in for Breakfast and supper into my garden, and often spends additional time there. I also have learnt my immediate area and mostly ride out on my own, fully trusting my sense of direction, as well as of course Billy.

Click on After hours services I OfferAfter hours services I can offer you at very reasonable rates, such as motivational Talks, basic web site design, audio editing, transcription work, and more.

Click on Blind Cool TechTo listen to live PodCasts made by other blind persons on accessibility, assistive devices, daily living etc.

Click on Carl's South African Trains PageTo read interesting facts, view pictures, and listen to or download stereo recordings of commonly used locomotives in South Africa.

Click on Other Long distance Sport to learn more about participation by blind people in long distance sports.

Click on Blind LinksTo find a list of blind related web sites, including assistive technology, podcasts, tutorials, and more.

Blind people use Screen Reading Software to enable them to use a computer. The software reads any text promts and changes on the screan and outputs it to spoken voice via the sound card. I use Jaws for Windows

Click on More about me and my interests to check out more on myself, where you can find cool links that might interest you too.

Click on Highly recommended places I've been to read more about, and where possible visit web sites of places I've visited within SA which really appealed to me and I'd highly recommend to anybody.

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The idea of this web page is to broaden people's awareness and knowledge of blind persons, and also to give other blind internet users easier access to helpful services for the blind on the Internet.

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