I was born at 6 months 1 week and thus suffered almost total blindness due to severely damaged retinas and optical nerves, and thus a form of ROP. I could see large objects at close range and could tell the basic colours apart if the object was large enough. This all in my left eye. I lost this 0.05% sight in my left eye in 2004 when my retina finally totally detached itself and was realised too late.

If you need a more technical explanation, consult the medical field, for I just live with it, and joke about it, and stick to the positive side of things - I can hear, ttaste, smell and feel!


I've participated in long distance road cycling events for about 8 years, road running for about 9 years, did canoeing for about 6 months, and did a few swimming events in between, although swimming is definitely not one of my favourite disciplines.

I've also qualified as a spinning instructor by completing the Johnny G instructor's course. Click here to read more

I've more recently got involved with orses, starting off riding basic beginner trails, to moving to a farm and leasing a horse called Dewaal, to finally purchasing my very first own horse, Billy, early 2008. I since April 2008 became involved with endurance riding, Click here to read more

Listing the following events completed:

  1. Completed my first Fauresmith 200 endurance ride 2009
  2. Completed 3 80 km endurance rides at Liandra 2008 and 2009
  3. Completed Cape Argus Cycle Tour 6 times
  4. Completed 94.7 Cycle Challenge 5 times
  5. Completed Jock Cycle Tour 2001
  6. Completed Hyper to Hyper 5 timesWon category (and R2500) in CycleLab 150 km tandem challenge 2003
  7. Completed many other largish cycling events, been 1st and 2nd tandems positions
  8. Completed Comrads Marathon 2000, up run
  9. Completed quite a few marathons and ultra
  10. Completed two mini-triathlons


I've participated in other activities, such as hikes, bunji jumps, white water rafting, ab-saling, 4x4, etc. I still want to attempting other exciting things such as do rock climbing, climb Kilimanjaro, fly an aeroplane, or anything that's cool.

I think my road forward with the endurance riding is promising if sponsers are willing to assist. Spurwing Horse Feeds are sponsering our horse feed and this opens the road for further possible sponserships into the expensive equestrian world of endurance riding. This opens doors that could have been barriers due to financial limitations.

I always believe that there's a way around anything, no matter if the so-called disability creates a problem, you simply work around it.

Blindness is not a disability, but a challenge to me

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